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Let’s talk about MONEY

A 2017 report in MarketWatch found that half of American households currently live paycheck to paycheck:

  • 19% have $0 saved to cover an emergency expense; 31% have less than $500 in emergency savings
  • Not surprisingly, about 49% of Americans are “concerned, anxious or fearful about their current financial well-being”
  • Interestingly enough, low income is not always to blame for financial hardship. Only 1 in 5 people (20%) facing financial hardship fall below the poverty line.

I share these statistics to point out the reality many people are living, regarding their finances. While there are plenty of books, apps and tools out there that provide information and teach you how to manage your money, the fact is many people just don’t do it!

That’s why I focus on your mindset and particularly, your money mindset. I love helping you to discover and release your limiting beliefs about money so you can create the financial prosperity and abundance you desire. This will then allow you to live your best life now and focus on what matters most to YOU (family, health, travel, etc.)!

Why should you invest in a coach? Below is a quote by Bob Proctor that seems to sum it up best.

One of the single most effective success-accelerators is coaching. A coach helps breathe life into your intentions, transforming them into concrete goals and then providing you with the information and motivation you need to turn those goals into reality. You achieve your goals and realize your dreams in far less time than you could have on your own. A coach is the catalyst that helps an individual to unstoppable personal achievement. In my opinion, there is no greater reward! – Bob Proctor, bestselling author

Are you ready to have a Healthy Relationship with Your Money Now!?!

Are you feeling:

  • Frustrated because you’ve achieved success in other areas of your life but you still don’t have a handle on your finances?
  • Stuck in your limiting beliefs and painful past experiences with money?
  • Tired of not even knowing if you have blocks that are holding you back from having what you desire now?

Imagine what your life would be like if you could:

  • Release those limiting beliefs and develop an abundant mindset to create the life you desire
  • Take intentional action from a place of “feeling good” instead of reacting from fear, doubt and worry
  • Let go of struggle and get what you “really” want with joy, ease and grace!

Here’s what some of my clients have experienced:

Sonya connected energetically to the source of my money woes and blocks immediately!!! For my whole life, I have had serious money challenges that I felt go back way-way back to my early childhood but no one has been able to help me shift it till now. I felt a huge amount of relief as her work with me shifted my energy in a huge way and a lot of pent-up sadness and grief came up and then dissipated. It would take years in talk therapy for that to happen! Sonya can help you dramatically even in one session! She just gets in there and handles it! She is a loving angel and a fierce warrior at the same time – and a miracle worker! Thank you, Sonya, for your magic!  – Melissa Charity, Red Hot Now

Sonya’s insight into what was really going on was spot on and she confirmed what I already knew deep down.  Throughout the session, I felt heard, understood, and loved. By the end, I was both excited and motivated to do the work necessary and step it up in my business. I would definitely recommend working with Sonya if you are ready to shift your money blocks!

If you are ready to receive coaching that is specifically designed to fit your individual needs and desires, I offer a few different coaching programs depending upon your needs, time-frame and financial goal. The best way to determine if we are a good fit is to schedule a Money Block Discovery Session with me so we can learn more about each other and see if we are a good fit to work together.

Here’s How We Can Work Together!

Here are the benefits of scheduling a session:

  1. Create a sense of clarity about the prosperity and abundance you really want to have
  2. Discover the #1 thing stopping your form having the prosperity and abundance you want
  3. Complete the session with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the financial prosperity and abundance you truly want

In order for you to achieve the best results, I offer this 12 week program. The first 90 days is crucial to working with improving your mindset to create more abundance and financial prosperity. Remember, these habits, beliefs and limitations may have been with you for a long time and they won’t disappear overnight. We will work together to create lasting change and a firm financial foundation.

* Please inquire about the Paid in Full Bonuses available*